Kavi Gupta Gallery Glenn Kaino Tote Bag with 3D printed rock

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As society becomes ever more distributed, networked, and connected, digital media and new forms of production are increasingly implicated in the leveraging of power. From extremists to revolutionaries to activists, the capacity of technological connectivity to coordinate, inform, mobilize, and threaten brings with it new realities both terrifying and hopeful. Don’t Bring a Gameboy to a Gunfight (2014) juxtaposes digital media’s varied incarnations in society, and manifests in a sculptural cairn of 3D printed rocks, a screen-printed poster, and a tote bag edition. The pile of multi-colored plastic rocks are 3D printed facsimiles of actual rocks collected by a world-wide network of the artists’ agents, from sites of protest and extremist oppression like Benghazi, Tahrir Square, and Yemen. These were then scanned and sent out again to yet another network of renegade, underground 3D printers, and returned to the artist.–Sue Yank

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