No Coast Peculiar Subjects/Peculiar Objects by Ignacio Mardones

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Monsters and Dust is excited to announce the release of Peculiar Objects / Peculiar Subjects, a chapbook set by Ignacio Mardones in a limited edition of 100.

Peculiar Subjects focuses on the agency consciousness exerts to escape its namespace in a bid to constantly reconfigure itself as a subject. Peculiar Objects playfully engages patterns in space, rhythms in time, tautologies in logic, and other social and biological cycles that can stabilize the subject... into the sleeping object. The incarcerated object. The object of affections. The art object. The inanimate object.

Mardones’ books make use of grammar rules as an analogy to invoke several seemingly opposing forces at once: drives vs. decisions, the conscious vs. subconscious, deliberate thought vs. socialized frenzies, autonomous art object vs. subjective observer, meditative poetry (privileging aural) vs. concrete poetry (privileging optics).

The chapbooks, designed by the author, are available for $30 per set.

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