Shifter Shifter 20: What We Can Knot

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“My first decision was not to die. I decided when I was a child, in a sickbed, with death at hand, that I wanted to live.”–  Ernst Fischer<

To intend is to have a conception of the future.  To direct and extend attention to a moment that is yet to arrive.  To construct a contingent model of the future, while negotiating and adjusting it at any given moment against countless uncertainties, thus providing the greatest possible chance of this future’s arrival. To reflect upon an action and determine its intention is then to trace the arc of this willed movement – looking back, culling through layers of events, interactions, and gestures, all of which make up the texture of the present.

Intention could then be understood as a method of plotting time.  With the subjective body at the center constructing contingent futures towards which it moves, archiving (narrativizing) the past into a consistent self.

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