Soberscove Press A Sunny Day for Flowers by Zehra Khan & Tim Winn

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In A Sunny Day for Flowers, animals frolic with flowers in a sunny world where real objects and a paper reality collide. Paper flowers are held, smelled, spoken to and danced with by a menagerie of animals that were either drawn, made out of paper, or are actually photographs of people dressed in paper costumes. The delightful animal/flower encounters are accompanied by simple and humorous words and phrases that encourage readers to stop and smell the roses.

A Sunny Day for Flowers is part of the Soberscove Press Artists' Board Book Series. Intended for art lovers and book lookers of all ages, these books were produced using aqueous coatings and soy inks.

Zehra Khan & Tim Winn create multimedia installations and performances in which drawing is always a central element. A collaborative team since 2010, the pair met while pursuing MFA degrees at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design in Provincetown, MA. Zehra and Tim’s work has been exhibited widely throughout the United States; they are represented by artSTRAND Gallery in Provincetown, where they continue to live and work.

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