Soberscove Press Food Face by Carrie Solomon

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In Food Face, “playing with your food” takes on a whole new meaning through a series of easy-to-follow, illustrated recipes. Whimsical characters composed of ingredients demonstrate a fun way to think about food, inviting children into the process of cooking. The colorful photographs of ingredients and prepared foods create before-and-after connections and encourage edible experimentation with color, shape, and line.

Food Face is part of the Soberscove Press Artists' Board Book Series. Intended for art lovers and book lookers of all ages, these books were produced using aqueous coatings and soy inks.

Carrie Solomon is a food photographer and writer based in Paris, France. She has photographed and written over 15 cookbooks and won numerous awards for her work. Carrie cooks at pop-up restaurants, in friends’ apartments and at home for her two young daughters.

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